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    The technical team of INHEMETER has years’ of experience in the utility industry and knows the requirements of customers from different countries and regions. They are familiar with the application environment and able to respond quickly to different application scenarios and develop the best solution for them. 

    We firmly believe that R&D is the heart of an enterprise, so we have been investing a large part of sales revenue in R&D, and will consistently increase R&D investment in the future.

    Mr. Wang Gongyong, the founder and CEO of INHEMETER, and his core technical team members are the first group of industry elites in China to develop electronic energy meter and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) System. 

    For years, INHEMETER technical team has been fully committed to the R&D and application of smart power distribution products and system solutions. They have tailored highly competitive products and systems for utilities in dozens of countries and regions around the world, which has been widely praised and won honors for Chinese manufacturing.


    INHEMETER has developed various smart electricity meters and Smart AMl system. Smart meter includes STS smart prepayment electricity meter, IC card prepayment electricity meter, RF communication electricity meter, multi-function electricity meter, high-accuracy gateway electricity meter etc. Software solutions include Smart AMI system, SmartVEND system and SmartTools etc.

    Smart electricity meters of INHEMETER can measure multiple electric parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, active power, apparent power, active energy, and reactive energy etc. They also support forward and reverse measurement, multiple tariffs, demand statistics, load curves, and data store functions. Besides, the meters support various communication methods, such as infrared, RS485/RS232, RF, PLC, GPRS and 3G with accuracy classes of 1.0 or 0.5, 0.5S, 0.2, 0.2S for active energy measurement.

    INHEMETER‘s AMI system allows access to different smart meters like IC Card prepayment meter and keypad prepayment meter with paired cable, PLC , RF or other communication modes in split type or integrated type.


    In recent years, with the enhancement of comprehensive strength, INHEMETER continues to increase investment in R&D, and becomes more open in thoughts. INHEMETER actively introduces outstanding talents in the industry and provides complete software and hardware systems as well as test platforms for R&D.

    In order to meet the individual requirements of smart meters around the world, INHEMETER has established a modularized technology development platform with a design of platformization, modularization and standardization to the functions and core technologies, such as communication technology module platform, digital processing technology platform and embedded software technology platforms, etc. Continuous innovation based on this standardized technology platform will greatly shorten the R&D time, improve the consistency and reuse rate. It ensures the one-time success rate of product development, improves the standardization and reuse rate of raw materials, further reduces the procurement cost and improves the reliability of raw materials. Ultimately, the core competitiveness of INHEMETER has been enhanced.

    INHEMETER has strong independent innovation capability. The core technologies are embodied in information exchange technology, data transmission technology, hot-plug communication module technology, processor embedding technology and application modular manufacturing technology. We also have a number of independent intellectual property rights in information exchange and data transmission technology, embedded key encryption technology and secure key mechanism, hybrid new network prepaid system and hot-plug communication module technology based on virtual media technology as well as multicarrier modulation technology based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing(OFDM), etc.

    INHEMETER actively carries out cooperation and exchanges with well-known institutions and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, establishes a mechanism for the application of cutting-edge technologies in the industry and explores the establishment of multiple production and research bases to achieve a perfect connection between the latest technologies and industrialized applications on the scale.


    In the future, INHEMETER will continue to take root in the field of smart power distribution. Under the guidance of the state-sponsored strategy of safety, low-carbon environmental protection, and green energy conservation, we will continuously optimize product design, diversify product clusters, and continuously upgrade software systems to provide a satisfactory solution for customers of global power system.

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