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  • INHEMETER And Madagascar National Electricity Authority Launched A Second New Cooperation


    Following the successful implementation of the smart meter project two years ago, INHEMETER and Madagascar National Electricity Authority recently launched a new smart meter and bank-financed AMI system software project. At present, INHEMETER has successfully completed the FAT test supply of electricity meters and the on-site installation and delivery of AMI system software, and has been successfully accepted by the power company.

    Over the years, the problem of high non-technical line loss caused by manual meter reading and other factors has always puzzled the Madagascar National Electricity Authority. The successful implementation of the AMI system software project of INHEMETER has not only solved the problem, but also helped the electricity bureau to improve its management, electricity efficiency and enhance its confidence in expanding the scale of use of smart meters, and created a new situation for the deepening cooperation of INHEMETER in this market.

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